Ton and Alexandra Simons-De Ridder (GERMANY)

"Dealing with Bret is a real pleasure, everything goes very quickly and correct, and the long term service is fantastic."



Carl Hester MBE (UK)

"Bret and I have been good friends for many years, professionalism and honesty should be at the forefront of any sale and in my opinion Bret shares these thoughts, matching horses and riders together needs expertise and I can whole heartedly recommend Bret."



Endel Ots (USA)

"Bret Willson is the one person I want to work with in finding clients and myself top Dressage Horses for all levels. His honesty and work ethic goes unmatched. I have worked with Bret on buying and selling multiple horses and each time it has been simple, efficient and a wonderful experience."



Jochen Arl (BELGIUM)

"Bret and I have worked closely together already for many years, I can always rely on his honesty, experience and professionalism when searching for World Class Horses."



Benjamin Werndl and Jessica Von Bedrow-Werndl (GERMANY)

"Bret has been our family friend for many years now. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and quality and we share these same values with Bret when buying and selling horses, we can always depend on him."



Stefan Van Ingelgem (BELGIUM)

"I have been a friend and business associate with Bret for many years, he is an exceptional horse person with an outstanding ability to discover talented dressage horses. We have worked closely together on many occasions whilst finding horses for both my clients and myself. He really is the ultimate professional."



Jan Brink (SWEDEN)

"Bret and I have been friends for over 25 years, he’s understanding of the industry, experience and knowledge are outstanding. At Tullstorp we pride ourselves on honesty and exceptional quality in all areas of our business, Bret shares these same values and this makes us a great partnership."



Paul Fielder FBHS (UK)

“I have known Bret since he was riding ponies, his passion and eye for quality and understanding the modern dressage horse is second to none, having also ridden and trained with Europe’s Masters, Bret brings a lot of experience and understanding when finding the correct horses for his clients.”



Spencer Wilton (UK)

“Bret offers a friendly, discreet, honest and very professional service. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”



Jonny Hilberath (GERMANY)

“I’ve known Bret for many years now and I must say his professional, genuine, friendly manner and good humoured personality always makes him a delight to work with.”

Kathrine Bateson-Chandler (USA)


“Bret is one of the most trustworthy, honest people when it comes to finding horses. I always trust Bret, knowing he will only show me the most suitable, highest quality horses for my clients. When I have clients who are putting their trust in me, I can always rely on him!”

Joep and Imke Schellekens-Bartels (HOLLAND)


“We have known Bret for many years and we have always worked very closely together in a good, professional and honest way. He is always available for us 24/7 and because of his experience we value his cooperation, we look forward to the future.”

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