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Our Philosophy

Dressage is one of the fastest growing International sports, the demand for talented dressage horses has never been greater. In today's dressage sport, when accuracy and technical merit are no longer enough to earn National and International placings, we need to find those horses that have that additional something, in order to obtain those extra marks.

These horses that have the correct temperament and athletic ability are very few. A horse that, whilst it may not be so athletic, yet has the correct temperament and mind, should always produce consistent competition results. However, the ideal combination is a horse that has athletic ability with a temperament to match.

The horses that we select, have been chosen collectively for their excellent temperaments, athletic ability and correct conformation. Personally, I would much rather train a horse that has the correct attitude to work and has a natural desire to move forward without tension, than to try to train an excessively talented moving horse that has an awkward attitude to work. Obviously the key is to find the correct balance in the combination of both athletic ability and temperament.

As we are viewing horses continually on a daily basis, it is evident that so many of the best horses that are for sale on the European market, are simply not advertised and the majority are sold with no prior advertising. We work closely with those trainers and contacts so that we hear about those horses before anyone else.

In the selection of our horses, we have worked closely with some of the World's top dressage riders and trainers to find a small handful of truly outstanding horses. 

For more information on 'Our Collection' or questions about our 'Young Horses' please do not hesitate to call us.

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